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Unleash Your Creativity: User Created Markets on SX Bet

How to request a custom market

SX Bet user created market

Step into the role of a market maker with SX Bet’s Market Creator program! Submit your custom betting market ideas and if approved, enjoy earning .25% back in bet credits on all betting action in your market.


Whether it's sports, NFT floor prices, forecasting the next big cryptocurrency surge, or even speculating on global and cultural events, the options are limitless.


Submit your market idea by completing the Market Request form. Provide your username, expiry, rules, and resolution source of your market idea.

Here’s How it Works:

Timing: Markets will be put up every Wednesday & Friday

  • Wednesday submissions must be in by 11:59 pm EST Monday

  • Friday submissions must be in by 11:59 pm EST Wednesday

Market Rules: Each market must have clearly defined terms and outcomes.

Verifiability: The outcome of the proposed market must be verifiable through reliable and accessible sources.


Expiry: Market must settle within 30 days of the creation date.


Respect and Civility: Market submissions must be free of offensive content, hate speech, discrimination, and cannot promote or incite harm. This includes prohibiting markets related to death, racism, etc.


Terms & Conditions

Reward:  You will receive 0.25% of the market volume (excluding washing) in bet credits. Bet credits will be paid out monthly, based on the settled market volumes from the previous month.

  • To ensure fairness and integrity, earnings will not include volumes from bet washing. Bet washing, or the practice of executing bets that have no substantial effect on your market exposure purely to inflate volume, is strictly prohibited. We monitor for such activities, and any volume identified as bet washing will be excluded from the monthly bet credits calculation.

Approval and Operation: SX Bet has the final say on market approval and any disputes regarding market outcomes or interpretations. Decisions made by the SX Bet operations team are binding.


Market Adjustment and Removal: SX Bet retains the right to adjust or remove any market at any time after approval if the market violates any terms, becomes irrelevant, or poses unforeseen problems. This includes but is not limited to changes in legal status, emergence of similar markets, or technical issues that affect market integrity.


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