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2024 March Madness: Betting Overview

The First Round of the legendary tournament that is March Madness begins today, and SX is your number one destination to bet all month.

We have got a lineup of exciting initiatives going on at SX Bet!

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  • 🚨 Bet pre-match and in-play on every March Madness matchup with no limits and exceptional odds all month.

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March Madness Tournament Overview

This guide is mainly geared to March Madness newcomers, if you’re a seasoned NCAAB bettor, feel free to skip through here! In this March Madness guide, we’ll give an overview of the what the tournament is, why it’s such a massive betting event, and what action you can get in on at SX Bet now!

What is March Madness? 🏀

March Madness is the NCAA (USA Colleges) Division I basketball tournament every year during the month of… you guessed it, March! Each year, 68 qualifying college basketball teams across the US compete in a single-elimination bracket style tournament.

Tournament Format 📣

March Madness begins with 68 teams, all seeded based on their performance during the regular season. The tournament starts with the “First Four” wherein eight teams compete in an elimination game for the final four spots in the 64-team bracket!

Today, the “First Round” begins with 64 teams split into 4 divisions of 16 teams. In each division, seed 1 plays seed 16, 2 plays 15, and so on. The higher your team is seeded, the lower seeded teams you initially face. The winners of the First Round will progress to the second round, followed by the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four and finally the tournament will culminate with the national championship.

Incase you missed it before, every round of the tournament is single elimination, so it’s not at all uncommon to see upsets and crazy runs through the tournament from unexpected teams!

March Madness at SX Bet: Specialty Markets

Specialty Markets 🎉

To kick-off the first-round today, we have a few specialty markets available!

  1. All 1st Seeds to win Round 1

  2. All 2nd Seeds to win Round 1

  3. All 3rd Seeds to win Round 1

There are four 1st seeds (and 2nd and 3rd seeds) in the tournament, one in each division. In the first round, 1st seeds play the 16th seed in their division, 2nd seed plays 15th seed, and 3rd seed faces 14th seed. If you haven’t quite put the pieces together yet, these markets allow you bet on whether a highly ranked squad will shit the bed in their first matchup of the tournament.

Do you think there will be any big upsets in the first round? Bet on it now.

First Round Markets 🏆

On top of our specialty markets, we of course have pre-match markets for every first-round matchup live on SX Bet now. Bet on moneyline, spread, and total for the First-Round of March Madness now!

There will also be in-play markets for every game of the tournament- SX has you completely covered for March Madness this year.


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