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SX, Steer Protocol, and Sushi Team Up for SX Trading Rewards on Arbitrum

70,000 ARB in Rewards for Season 1

SX trading competition 70k ARB

Get ready for a thrilling ride as SX, Steer Protocol, and Sushi Swap join forces to bring you epic rewards on Arbitrum! We're excited to announce SX Token is now on Arbitrum! Celebrate with us by joining our 70,000 ARB giveaway through two exciting initiatives: SX Trading Competition and LP Rewards with Steer Protocol and SushiSwap. 

Contract address: 0x8CF7e3aa6fAf6Ae180E5eC3f0fb95081C2086eBe

How it Works:

Trade SX on Sushiswap, add to the WETH/SX pool and claim your share of 70,000 ARB. The trading competition runs from June 26 - July 25.

New SX/WETH Pool on Steer: 30,000 ARB

Brought to you by Steer and Sushi for our amazing liquidity providers. Add to the pools, and get ARB Rewards.

How to Participate

  1. Go to Steer Protocol: Select Sushiswap pools on Arbitrum chain on Steer

  2. Add Liquidity: Add to any of the three SX/WETH pools

  3. Claim: Claim your ARB Rewards 👉 Fluid Liquidity Strategy 👉Classic Rebalance Strategy 👉Channel Multiplier Strategy

SX Trading Competition on Sushiswap: 40,000 ARB

30,000 ARB will be going to the top 40 traders. 10,000 ARB will be raffled to 20 participants, each winning 500 ARB. This gives everyone a chance to win, regardless of their trading volume.

How to Participate

  1. Trade SX: Head over to Sushiswap and start trading SX on Arbitrum.

  2. Track Your Progress: Sign up through Questly and check out your ranking on the leaderboard.

  3. Claim Rewards: Once the campaign wraps up, claim your rewards on

SX Summer Prize Pool

To participate in the trading competition, competitors must be +18 and place a minimum of one trade on from Arbitrum Network. Not available in the United States or other countries SX Bet is unavailable. 

About Steer: Steer is building the Liquidity Engine for tokenized assets, a suite of robust and essential tools for a thriving token economy. At its core, Steer is an off-chain compute protocol that bridges on- and off-chain data to power robust on-chain automations. The first product we built on the protocol is Smart Pools, our automated liquidity management solution. Smart Pools is deployed across 25 chains and integrated with 28 AMMs. This integration enables precise liquidity shaping and rebalancing to meet the specific needs of different markets, such as stable assets and LSTs. Protocols, fund managers, and individual LPs can choose from our extensive Strategy Library or write and deploy custom strategies in any of 20+ programming languages.

About SushiSwap: SushiSwap is a leading decentralized exchange, offering a wide range of DeFi products and services. We’re committed to driving innovation and supporting a diverse ecosystem of blockchain projects. Our community-driven organization aims to solve liquidity issues for the DeFi space, by leveraging network effects and connecting many decentralized markets and instruments.

About SX: SX Network blockchain combines smart contracts with an on-chain treasury and prediction market protocol. It offers low-cost transactions, and a PoS-based consensus, making it ideal for developers with EVM compatibility. SX Network’s flagship platform, SX Bet, is the largest blockchain betting platform in the world, having processed over 475,000,000 million in betting volume. The platform is non-custodial, all bets are peer-to-peer and settled transparently on-chain. SX Bet is not available in the United States or other prohibited jurisdictions.


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