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Betting on Crypto Price Markets: A Complete Guide

Detailed refresher on how CPM markets at SX function

What are Crypto Price Markets (CPM’s)? 📈

In case you aren’t familiar with the crypto price markets on SX, these are crypto price prediction markets. While they may seem confusing at first, anyone with half a brain can trade them!

CPM’s at SX allow you to trade against the price of a token bi-directionally, without the risk of being liquidated early. In simpler terms, these allow you to wager on whether a token is going to be over or under a certain price on a specific date and time

Walkthrough 👣

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the markets available, and how to trade them!

Categories: ‘Crypto’ and ‘Degen Crypto’ 🪙

Both of these categories can be found at the very bottom of the sport list. ‘Crypto’ ⬇️ is the home of markets for BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, MATIC, FTM, and DOGE

‘Degen Crypto’ has a wider selections of tokens from AI to Memes. There is no difference in terms of function between these two categories. The ‘Degen’ ⬇️ category simply has a wider array of tokens.

Strike Prices 💥

On each different token, you’ll notice a range of different “strike prices” on the left hand side. You can bet on whether the price of the token is over, or under any of these different strike prices. The further the strike price is from the current price of the token, the greater the odds (payout) will be. 

Time Frames ⏰

Just above the available strike prices and odds, you’ll see a few different timelines available to choose from.

This may be glaringly obvious to most of you, but this guide is designed for dummies so - selecting Sunday, for example, would allow you to bet on whether the price of the token is over or under _______ strike price on Sunday. Got it? Nice 😎

Typically, there will always be markets that allow you to bet on the price over a 24 hour, 48 hour, and 7 day time period. The 24 hour market resets every day at 8am UTC, the 48 hour market every other day at 8am utc, and the 7 day market every 7 days at 8 UTC, of course.

You’ll also notice there is a “market ends in” time on the right hand side of the screen. Incase you get confused, the price of the token when that timer expires determines whether your wager on the price wins or not!

Clicking Into a Market 👇

Clicking into a market will allow you to view a live, interactive TradingView chart which you can manipulate in real time as you trade! Add indicators, draw trend lines, and more!


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